Systema Seminar Denis Ryauzov – 11th & 12th of May 2019


Reservations and payments can be done via the following website:

The seminar will be held in Mierlo (NB) The Netherlands.

The costs for the seminar will be 140 euro´s for the whole weekend
and 80 euro´s for one day.

Also it is possible to sleep at the training site wich has a lot of bungalo´s. The organizers (Fast4You Defence _ Sam Lung Martial Arts) have a reservation on many bungalo´s wich can contain a number of participants. The price for staying at one of the bungalo´s will follow soon.

Denis Ryauzov is a retired Airbourne officer from the Russian army. Furthermore he is also an instructor of combat training of the special personal protection, rapid response teams, collection. Ctazh activities instructor for 15 years. Chief instructor holding the security “wolf” (Moscow) Chief Safety Instructor Academy «SSC» (Switzerland) Teacher 1st qualifying category.

• Special training courses UIR – special training center of “The Knight”, Moscow
• Courses of special training bodyguard – special training center of “The Knight”, Moscow
• Courses spets.podgotovki tel.ohrany “Center for special training Martyniuk” Rostov
• Courses and certification – Practical Shooting Federation Moscow

In the period from 1999-2012 conducted and organized seminars for personal protection, individuals, special forces, private security, Seminar_Denis_Ryauzovemployees of the Internal Affairs on transport of the Irkutsk region, private security companies (Omsk, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Mr. .Lipetsk, Tambov). In 2010, 2013 held a seminar at the Military Academy of Belgrade (Serbia) for cadets and soldiers spets.podrazdeleny, the president’s personal guard unit “Cobra” anti-terrorist unit “PTE” – awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, honorary division ” PTE ”

In 2012, an international seminar held in Novi Sad (Serbia) for representatives from different countries (Italy, Slovakia, England, Serbia, Hungary, etc.).

In various departments conducted the following areas: – The knife fight. – Dogfight. – Tactical shooting. – Training groups bodyguards. – Tactical special training rapid response teams, collection, maintenance.

Author of educational films and articles on the martial arts and unarmed combat instructor of the 2nd category, the expert magazine “World of security.”

Author of publications magazine “World Security”, “Martial Arts Planet”, “Martial Arts”. Author techniques of complex preparation of fighters RRG (responders) collection.

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